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The one and only Lisa Congdon is back in the windowsill for an honest conversation on work life balance, creating harmony and ease in life, and what she’s given up in order to have more of what she wants. Illustrator and author Lisa Congdon is best known for her colorful, graphic drawings and hand lettering. […]


March 13, 2024

What It Really Means to Have Creative Freedom: Lisa Congdon on Embracing Hobbies, Cultivating Discipline, and Making Space for Joy and Ease

Margo catches up with good friend and internationally known illustrator Lisa Congdon for episode 100! That’s right, there are now 100 episodes of Windowsill Chats. Lisa and Margo chat about consistency, coaching, podcasting, experimenting in business, and a whole lot more. Lisa is self-taught and didn’t achieve momentum in her career until she was nearly […]


July 20, 2022

100 | Curiosity, Consistency, and Community Within The Knack School. What It’s Like to Learn and Dream With Lisa Congdon (Plus 100 Episodes of Windowsill Chats!)

Margo is joined once again by Lisa Congdon. This time, to discuss pushing past your limiting beliefs and doing the hard things. Lisa specifically shares her experience of getting involved in gravel racing and recently competing in one of the hardest gravel races in the world – The Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder Race. Although this […]


July 6, 2021

46 | Don’t be the person who wishes you did something. Be the person who DOES it. Lisa Congdon on achieving hard goals.

Margo is once again joined by the wonderfully creative Lisa Congdon to discuss what it means to have a visual vocabulary, accepting and giving yourself permission to be you, and ways to hone in on your own creative voice and style. Lisa Congdon is a Portland, Oregon-based fine artist, illustrator and author known internationally for […]


June 2, 2021

41 | What is your Visual Vocabulary? Lisa Congdon gives you tips on how to discover your creative style & voice, and permission to be YOU.

Margo is once again joined by Lisa Congdon to kick off a series of interviews to discuss different topics surrounding creativity, business, and life. In this episode they discuss how to get yourself in front of the right people as a creative and what that even means! Margo and Lisa chat about: Exercises Lisa gives […]


February 26, 2021

27 | The Lisa Congdon Sessions – Who are the right customers and clients for your creative dreams & goals? Where are they?

Margo chats with the one and only Lisa Congdon to answer questions submitted by you and fellow Windowsill Chats listeners! Lisa is an American fine artist, author and illustrator and has worked for clients including MoMA, Harvard University, Martha Stewart Living, REI, and Chronicle Books among several others.  Lisa delves on: Finding your artistic voice […]


December 22, 2020

17 | YOUR questions for Lisa Congdon! All about the details of being a working artist, plus some surprises.

Lisa Congdon is back in the windowsill with Margo to share all the fun details on her Rockefeller Center Christmas Art Installation as well as a bit of reflection on 2021 and what she hopes to accomplish in 2022! This installation is part of Art in Focus, a series of art exhibitions produced in partnership […]


December 22, 2021

70 | All the holiday project scoop with Lisa Condon.. plus real talk about how our styles change, things that influence us, and how to take back time for yourself.

Margo is joined by self-taught polymer clay artist Rachael Skidmore.  Rachael’s passion for self-expression, penchant for artistic creativity, and dedication to hard work have been the foundation of her success as a small business owner for over 13 years. She established MadebyMaeberry in Aug 2019 and has inspired large audiences through her social media presence […]


June 14, 2023

147 | When Your Side Hustle Becomes Your Business…Turning Self-Taught Creative Passions Into Something You’re Proud of and Making Art Wearable With Rachael Skidmore of Made by Maeberry

Margo is joined by Holly Thomas Stein, the artist behind HTS Studios. Holly has been an artist for as long as she can remember, from crayons to computers and everywhere in between. In 30+ years as a self-employed artist, Holly has been a graphic designer, illustrator, metalsmith and mixed media artist as well as owned […]


May 4, 2022

89 | Holly Stein on How Creating Across a Variety of Mediums Is the Best Way to Stretch Creativity and Fuel Artistic Passions

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