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Margo Tantau?

I'm Margo, the visionary and creative adventurer behind Tantau Studios, an online community available to you 24/7 through multiple creative venues including the Windowsill Chats Podcast, artist workshops, Facebook groups and more!

For the past 30+ years, my creative curiosity has taken me on an adventuresome path through all aspects of the Creative Industry.

I've spent my whole life immersed in creative projects - either as an artist myself - or in collaboration with other designers, makers, and creatives. Dabbling with paint, wire, and silversmithing are my jam. Well, that and trying my hands at new art mediums and meeting new creative visionaries - like you!
I've built my own magical retail shops, created products for wholesale, and have walked the full gamut of the manufacturing process from ideation all the way to holding the finished masterpiece in my hands.
I don't often talk about my corporate experience, but to help you understand the perspective I bring to our creative community, it may help to hear a little about my path in that realm.

I've spent decades working on creative teams to ascertain and analyze product needs, forecast trends, streamline goals, and envision new design concepts. Ive held corporate roles where I managed designers, manufacturers, and high-end accounts. I've been involved in developing innovative gift lines and have extensive experience refining processes to produce new products through equitable business practices, expanding productivity, and ensuring top of the line quality results.

Thats a bit about me, so what about you? I'd LOVE to get to know YOU better!


Hello lovely!

My career has been dedicated to dreaming, designing, building, crafting, an creating - in all its forms. I've spent time in the trenches figuring out the best way to get something made, how to put oneself and their art out into the world, and how to get work noticed by art directors, collaborators, and customers.

My favorite pursuit though, is discovering, nurturing, and promoting individual artists and their creative vision.

Through my travels around the globe, I've been privileged to meet, work with, and build friendships with innovative, talented, creative men and women from all walks of life. And now I have the pleasure of meeting YOU - and connecting you with like-minded souls in this creative space.

This website is more than words and images on a digital page. It's a haven for the struggling artist, the busy entrepreneur, and the creative dreamer. This is a COMMUNITY OF CREATIVES. This is a safe place for you to grow (along with other like-minded individuals), to embrace your artistic gifts, and live out your passion for a creative life.

you are the reason I am here

I'm so glad you've joined us!

I believe whole-heartedly that Creative Work is Collaborative Work. We are better together!

Putting the U in Unique

my purpose is to help you hone your style, build your confidence, and find freedom to create in your own perfectly unique way.

One of my favorite things about living this creative life is that it's unique to everyone. What technique or medium works for one artist, may not work for another. The color palette that inspires me, may be your least favorite.

Art in community is a fantastic way to glean inspiration, learn new techniques, and gain fresh ideas. But, when you put your hand to the act of creating, it's important to come back to what makes you and your art unique. It's important to do art your own way.

This is your permission slip to step to step back from the madness, take time out, be creative, reflect, and simply BE.

I'm all about

all about

Standing for Integrity, Equality - Seeing People for Who They Are, Losing myself in an Antique Mall, Coffee Ice Cream,
 Leaning in to the potential we have within us, Real Talks with Good Friends, Long walks, Turquoise and a Good Hat, Saying YES to Possibility, Time in my Studio, Adventures with my Peeps, Farm Stands. You, and your Creativity.

i'm not about

not about

Grey Walls & Trey Ceilings, Racism, Caffeine, Evidence of “Borrowing” Someone Else’s Work, Blue Cheese, Dishonesty, Being Late, Narrowminded thinking, Too many ads


"margo is an amazing mentor!"

"Margo is an amazing mentor. Her ideas are rooted in what works, and she has the depth of knowledge and experience that really helps shape your next steps."


"working with margo pushed me to think, focus, and design differently."

"Working with Margo pushed me to think, focus, and design differently. The most important thing is that I feel like I'm able to creatively be myself and tap into the direction I really want to go in. She really listens, and provides great rescources."


"There is room for my art"

"The biggest lesson working with Margo is that there is room for my art. I've honed in on my style and have the confidence to go after my goals and dreams. It's great to learn more about the industry from someone who really KNOWS the industry, too."


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Welcome to my cozy Windowsill – A community specially crafted for the creatively curious. This is a safe place for you to grow, embrace your artistic gifts, and live out your passion for this wild, imaginative, artistic life.

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