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Margo is joined by friend and former guest, Michael Schultz. Michael is the co-owner and creative eye of Cursive New York, which operates 2 stores in New York City. Cursive is a tightly focused concept with the simple mission of cultivating joy. Michael, along with his husband, Douglas Duncan, have established Cursive as a strong […]


July 11, 2024

Creative Confidence, Trusting Your Gut and Navigating the Thin Line Between Inspiration and Imitation With Michael Schultz

Join Margo and Abby Campbell for another creative current events catch-up! They discuss boosting self-confidence by ditching “imposter syndrome,” explore innovative product design, and highlight the winners of Penguin Books’ 2024 Cover Design Contest. They also delve into the latest trends in the art world and share personal anecdotes on overcoming creative blocks. Tune in […]


July 11, 2024

Creative Current Events: More on AI, Boosting Confidence, and Innovative Product Design

Margo is joined by one man band, Dan Checkers otherwise known as Dan & Drum. Releasing his debut album in 2017 with no label, connections, or many friends for that matter, he was surprised to see it get millions of streams in the first year, thanks to creators like Jenna Marbles featuring the music. Since […]


July 11, 2024

Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum: Dan Checkers on The Art of Personalized Songs and Connecting with Fans in Unique Ways

In part 2 of 2, Margo is joined by calligrapher and author, Brittany DeSantis. Brittany is most well known for her focus on mindfulness and the sensory experience of writing and creating: the sound of the pen on the paper, the way the ink flows on the page, the concentration it takes to form each […]


June 26, 2024

Heirloom Artwork to Inspire Creativity: Brittany DeSantis on Grief, Calligraphy, and the Power of Journaling (Part 2)

Margo is joined by artist, calligrapher, and avid journaler, Brittany DeSantis. After making a big cross-country move to Alberta, Canada nearly a decade ago, Brittany fell in love with the mountains and back in love with art. This move inspired the “peak” in her business name, Peak Paper Co. Through global brand partnerships and from […]


June 20, 2024

Heirloom Artwork to Inspire Creativity: Brittany DeSantis on Grief, Calligraphy, and the Power of Journaling (Part 1)

Margo is joined by seasoned artist, designer, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the creative industry Paul Pape. Paul’s journey began with a passion for education stemming from a need to escape an abusive childhood. Eventually, he found his way to design and fabrication, which led to the creation of thousands of […]


June 12, 2024

Creativity in Crisis: Paul Pape on Nurturing Creativity through PLAY, Embracing Failure and the Future of Art

Margo is joined by Jewelry Designer Dani Paquin. Dani founded Agapantha Jewelry in April of 2004 after 6+ years of living as a touring singer-songwriter. While it was an incredible, dream fulfilling time, people don’t love paying for music and the hustle was unsustainable. Between tours, Dani started working for a couple of designers, assembling […]


June 5, 2024

Singing Success to Jewelry Brilliance: Dani Paquin on Creative Fulfillment, Community Building, and Two Decades of Agapantha Jewelry

Margo is joined by artist and designer for the gift & home decor industry, Jennifer Brinley. Jennifer has been in the industry for over 20 years with a degree in Studio Art from UC Santa Barbara and she believes well designed products can bring moments of joy. Her creative path took her to graduate school […]


May 29, 2024

The Art of Well-Being: Jennifer Brinley on Nature-Inspired Design and the Impact on Brain Function and Health

Margo is joined by artist, photographer and author Mary Jo Hoffman. In her previous life, Mary was an aerospace engineer until one day she decided to take up a daily practice of photographing something in nature. This daily practice turned into STILL Blog, profound revelations about the connectedness of all things, the importance of place, […]


May 22, 2024

Finding Beauty in Everyday Life: The Power of Creative Practice and the Art of Noticing with Mary Jo Hoffman

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