61 | Can a hobby equal creative success? (YES.) On stretching your courage and confidence muscles, finding joy, and making your niche matter. All while skiing, or drawing! with Kimberley Kay

This week Margo is chatting about finding joy, spreading joy, and ways in which we can seek more joy with author and illustrator, Kimberley Kay. After a busy career in the travel industry running press offices for big travel companies she decided to pursue art and illustration, partly prompted by a serious knee injury which was the catalyst for a new perspective. Her bright, colorful illustrations illustrate positive emotions and happy times. She loves working with vibrant watercolor paints, free motion embroidery and intricate paper cutting techniques. Through her work under the brand of Inspire by Kim she encourages people to find joy.

Margo and Kim discuss:

  • Life before illustration and why skiing is the main theme across all of her work

  • Trusting in your own path and finding joy along the way

  • The best lessons she’s had from working with a coach

  • Flexing her courage muscle and putting in the work

  • The important role accountability and community have played in her success

  • Immersing into courses and opportunities to release blocks and learn new techniques

  • How and why she distracts her conscious mind while she works

  • Using LinkedIn as it pertains to her career as an artist

  • And more!

Kim’s Ski A to Z work is part of a wider intention to encourage people to seek joy, to endeavour to find their joy and to go deep into what and where joy is for them. Joy and smiling makes the body release endorphins which are happy chemicals and natural pain killers. Her goal is to make the joy of skiing and being in the mountains more accessible by providing information and advice.

Connect with Kim:

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People that inspire Kimberely:

Lilla Rogers – I love there Make Art That Sells courses and have applied the learnings to get work

and to secure my publishing gig.

Andy J Pizza – Creative Pep Podcast – I like to listen to this when I work as it helps me to stay

motivated and distracts my conscious brain so that my subconscious brain can create more freely.

Emma Raducanu – the winner of the US Open; her clarity of focus, strength of mind, conviction

and attitude is inspiring and refreshing.

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