88 | A guide to living better.. to hitting your stride. Heath Brockwell on The New Maturity

In this episode, Margo chats with art director, writer, and editor in chief of The New Maturity, Heath Brockwell. Heath’s work synthesizes motivational and accessible ideas on how to create a life you love sharing a range of ideas from making a great meal for your family to ways you can have a fantastic day. When Heath was young he was obsessed with magazines. He would devour them, tear them apart, and make giant collages on his bedroom walls. As a young undiagnosed dyslexic, he had a hard time with reading comprehension. However the images and words in magazines kept Heath engaged for hours. It was this passion that led him to a career art directing some of the top magazines of the late 90’s and early aughts. Then the internet killed the magazine star in 2008. With a quick pivot, a digital designer rose from the ashes. The solid design foundation heath had established back in his childhood bedroom was put to new use building tablet apps and websites.

Margo and Heath discuss: 

  • His creative path, how The New Maturity came to be, pros and cons of corporate clients versus self-employment

  • How age has played a role in “the new maturity”

  • Being multi-passionate and how he continues to advance his skillset

  • Advice for creatives and artists who want to advance their own skill sets

  • The importance of owning your time and how he manages his

  • Why he considers his dyslexia a superpower

  • Creating a live well lived

  • And more

Heath shows you how kindness wins and takes you on a journey to discover simple ways to shift your point of view, improve your mood, make yourself a great meal, get better with age, and more. The New Maturity is a toolkit and a resource of ideas that excites him and he wants to share those resources with you. He takes most of the pictures, does the illustrations, concepts and writes the stories. Heath believes that together we can create a better world where people are kinder to each other. 

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3 people inspiring Heath:

Louis Fratino

Miss Piggy: “‘The Muppet Show’ was such an early influence on me. I loved how it was a rag tag group of folks who came together to put on a performance. The stand out star was Miss Piggy. She reminds me to have have self confidence, poise, and still be a crack up. It doesn’t hurt that she has great hair.”

Stuart Davis

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