106 | Revive, Realize, Refine, Release: The Art of Finding Your Creative Process and Celebrating the Ordinary and Extraordinary in Everyday Life With Beth Buffington (Part 1)

In this two part interview, Margo is joined by licensed illustrator, adjunct college professor, and online course digital illustration instructor, Beth Buffington. Like many creatives, Beth has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. After graduating with a degree in art and graphic design, she began her creative career working for “in-house” corporate art departments. 
After years of corporate communications, she decided to focus on her personal creative passions, by starting her business, BDI-Celebrate-Today, and BDI-Create-Today.


Margo and Beth discuss:

  • The necessity of understanding your clients and their pain points

  • The importance in being able to be flexible

  • Perfection paralysis

  • How she got into the creative education space

  • Confidence: how to grow it in your creative practices because it plays a huge role in how your art work will perform

  • Trusting in your talent

  • Learning Procreate

  • The creative process that she takes her students through


Beth’s work is two-fold. She creates illustrations and home decor products—and she also instructs college and online students how to be curious about trends, color, texture, and materials—through the creation of digital illustration. She is also passionate about sharing with students her thoughts on being a healthy artist who is confident and brave about their artistic skills and their artwork.


Connect with Beth:

https://bdi-celebrate.today/ (Illustration & Product Design)

https://www.bdi-create.today/ (Learn the ART of PROCREATE)






3 People Inspiring Beth:

1. Waaaay back when I was just getting interested in art licensing and I was busy doing research on artists who were finding success with licensing their art— I found Amy Butler. I love her eye for color and pattern and product. – It’s been fun to check in over the years to see how her art is currently reflecting her life’s passions.

2. Lori Siebert is someone who consistently inspires me through her eye for design, color and whimsy. BUT also I admire her for how she nurtures and guides many other creatives to understand better the biz of doing art. I am forever grateful for her work with Phyllis Dobbs in organizing Art Biz Jam.

3. My third “person” – is “my student” I am inspired by each student. I’m always amazed at the clever ideas that erupt out of a single prompt for a project. The same instruction is given – but never do I see cookie cutter results from my students–both with my college classes or my online students. I am always inspired and energized by the unique ideas and art that are the final result of a project. Mingling with the personalities and the talent of my students is not only inspiring –but often humbling. I think—sometimes I learn more from them –than they learn from me. (but don’t tell them that! 🙂

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