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Margo is joined by artist, illustrator and quintessential creative entrepreneur, Becky Dawson. Becky started screen printing t-shirts in her spare bedroom 12 years ago with a little knowledge and a lot of hope (and creativity) and has since evolved into designing and manufacturing her own line of paper and gift products sold in 100’s of […]


September 20, 2023

Continual Creative Discovery: Embracing Challenges, Forging Connections, and Attaining Financial Success Through Artistic Endeavors With Becky Dawson

Margo is joined by elementary school art teacher Faigie Kobre. Faigie uses a choice based method called TAB (teaching for artistic behavior) and has recently developed a program for schools called Beyond Copycat Crafts that helps other teachers aid in how to give children developmentally appropriate, creative art instead of copycat, cookie cutter crafts. Faigie […]


September 13, 2023

Fostering Creative Confidence: How Faigie Kobre Cultivates Creativity and Critical Thinking in the Classroom and Beyond

Margo is joined by co-founder and creative director of El Extraordinario, Marcus Hurst. El Extraordinario is an award winning creative outfit specialized in audio fiction and podcasts making timeless long form content with high production values and a strong emphasis on sound design. Looking more to music record labels like XL Recordings as inspiration for […]


September 7, 2023

159 | Growing a Successful Brand Through Unconventional Creativity: Exploring the Unique and Timeless Sound of Audio Fiction Podcasting with Marcus of El Extraordinario

Margo is joined by certified empowerment coach, Sheila Kamuda. Sheila was inspired to become a coach through her own healing journey after the loss of her husband, and leadership experience where she directed a team of 20 creatives and eventually started Live Out Loud Coaching. She is passionate about helping professionals value who they are […]


September 7, 2023

158 | Party of One: Sheila Kamuda’s Healing Journey through Gratitude, Creative Journaling, and Self-Empowerment

If there was one promise I’d encourage you to make yourself in the rest of 2023, it’s this – Commit to Living with Authenticity. Brené Brown once said, “In order for connection to happen, we need to be seen, really seen.” And isn’t that our goal as creatives—to connect? Our creativity, our art, the work […]

Authenticity, Creative Balance, Creative Clarity, In The Studio

September 6, 2023

How to Be Your True Authentic Self with Confidence!

Margo is joined by contemporary visual artist and illustrator Melissa Lakey. Melissa is based in Joshua Tree, California, where the windows of her art studio look out into the Mojave Desert. Her colorful work celebrates the landscape and animals of the American Southwest and her love of cowboys, road trips, and summer vacations. Melissa shares […]


August 25, 2023

157 | Colors of the Sun, Songs of the Moon: Melissa Lakey’s Artistic Insights, Gallery Success, and the Evolution of Creative Observations

Margo is joined by talented artist and writer, Caitlin Metz. Caitlin is an illustrator and designer, cloud watching feeler, new poetry convert, wayward design professor, and a queer gentle parent. She’s also irreverent, silly, and deeply romantic about what art-making and feeling your feelings can do for oneself and the world. From drawing to photography, […]


August 16, 2023

156 | Accessing Creativity as a Form of Relief and Self-Care: What Feeling Your Feels Can Do for Yourself and the World with Caitlin Metz

Margo is joined by Brandi Kincaid for a chat on finding inspiration, the power of journaling, and the art of sending extravagant hope by mail. Brandy, a tiny treasure seeker and paper lover, shares her experiences as a designer, creator, and curator of monthly hope packages as they delve into the creative process behind these […]


August 11, 2023

155 | From Blank Pages to Extravagant Hope: Brandi Kincaid Shares Her Passion When It Comes to Creating Hope for Others and Journaling for the Soul

In this episode, Margo is joined by her very own Social Media Manager, Mackenzie Jones. With a diverse and fascinating creative journey of her own, she has become an invaluable resource for artists and makers seeking to harness the power of social media marketing to propel their artistic careers. She dives into her own creative […]


August 2, 2023

154 | Creative Social Secrets: Mastering the Art of Social Media for Artists and Makers with Mackenzie Jones

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