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In this episode, Margo dives into the habits of successful creatives – the habits that she’s navigated herself and what she sees in the many other creatives she’s both worked with and learned from. Finding consistency in practices, embracing failure and iteration, collaborating and networking through different mediums and experiences, and building genuine relationships, explore […]


July 26, 2023

153 | Shared Studio Sessions: Habits that Set Successful Creatives Apart with Margo

Margo is joined by two creative powerhouses, Erin Drews and Leigh Standley to discuss their collaboration of art, words, and working together. Erin Drews is a Michigan based artist inspired by nature and Fauvism. She loves using color to create visual excitement and play, most typically through the subject of flowers. She’s been described as […]


July 19, 2023

152 | Exploring Art, Mental Health, and the Power of Collaboration with Erin Drews and Leigh Standley

Margo is joined by independent artist and art business agency owner, Sarah Lörenk. Sarah graduated with a BFA in 2011 and has worked as an independent artist since then. She first began her creative business as a stationary designer moving from retail into wholesale before venturing into street art. She learned through several iterations of […]


July 12, 2023

151 | Artist Versus Entrepreneur: Sarah Lörenk on How She Helps Artists Reclaim Their Creative Freedom Through Art Business Management

Margo is joined by artist, art retreat facilitator, and author Carrie Schmitt. Carrie began painting in 2009 while bedridden after being diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy to heat. She paid attention to a very poignant internal message. Since then she has devoted her life to creativity in many facets and allows herself and creativity to […]


July 5, 2023

150 | Turning Autopilot off and Creativity On. How a Life Changing Diagnoses Turned Into a Creative and Spiritual Journey of Presence, Wonder and Curiosity for Carrie Schmitt

Margo is joined by former teacher & blogger turned entrepreneur, and second time guest in the Windowsill, Anna Huff. As a business mindset coach, Anna works to empower women to pursue their passions and live in authentic alignment with who they were divinely designed to be. Through years of burnout and struggling to find alignment, […]


June 28, 2023

149 | Envisioning vs. Embodying: Unlocking Your Creative Potential with a Success Mindset with Anna Huff

Margo is joined by sisters Kim and Tracy of Hearts on Fiber out of Davidson, North Carolina. Kim and her three daughters were of the belief that every small town needs a local yarn store so when the Davidson craft center closed, an empty space for fiber arts opened. The urge was so strong to […]


June 21, 2023

148 | Nerding Out Over Knitting: Kim Clark and Her Family’s Inspiring Journey to Cultivate Community Through a Thriving Local Yarn Store

Margo is joined by self-taught polymer clay artist Rachael Skidmore.  Rachael’s passion for self-expression, penchant for artistic creativity, and dedication to hard work have been the foundation of her success as a small business owner for over 13 years. She established MadebyMaeberry in Aug 2019 and has inspired large audiences through her social media presence […]


June 14, 2023

147 | When Your Side Hustle Becomes Your Business…Turning Self-Taught Creative Passions Into Something You’re Proud of and Making Art Wearable With Rachael Skidmore of Made by Maeberry

Margo is joined by self-taught artist, writer, and internationally recognized best-selling author Meera Lee Patel. Meera writes books that help people connect with themselves, each other, and the world around them. Her books & journals for everyone have sold well over a million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. […]


June 7, 2023

146 | How It Feels to Find Yourself: Meera Lee Patel Shares How She’s Built a Life Full of Creativity and Purpose

Margo is joined by printmaker, surface designer, textile artist, and author Jen Hewett. Jen’s work combines her love of loud prints, 1970s maximalism, and saturated colors with the textures and light of the landscapes that surround her. In addition to creating her own products, Jen designs fabric for the quilting and home sewing market, and […]


May 31, 2023

145 | Community, Connection, and Creativity. Jen Hewett on the Passionate and Practical Challenges of Being an Artist in Today’s Creative Landscape.

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