How to Be Your True Authentic Self with Confidence!

If there was one promise I’d encourage you to make yourself in the rest of 2023, it’s this – Commit to Living with Authenticity.

Brené Brown once said, “In order for connection to happen, we need to be seen, really seen.” And isn’t that our goal as creatives—to connect? Our creativity, our art, the work of our minds, hearts, and hands connects us to our deeper self, our surroundings, and the people we interact with. 

If what Brené says is true (and I think it is), we can only truly connect when we’ve embraced our truth and authentically shared that truth with the world. 

Living authentically is a core value of mine. For me, being authentic means being your true self while also being true TO yourself.

But what does it mean to show up with authenticity? I think it’s being aware of who you are and being consistent and honest in what you stand for. It takes knowing what you desire to put into the world, and how you want to express yourself, both as a creative and as a human. 

You’ll know you’re living into your authentic self when you intentionally make choices that align with your beliefs and values, and when you listen to your gut, your inner voice. 

Ask Yourself: 

  • Am I being honest with my voice?
  • Am I bringing my true self to my creative endeavors?
  • Does my art align with my beliefs and values?
  • Is there anything holding me back from being my authentic self?
  • Name three solutions to help break free from what’s holding me back.

Here’s the key to living and creating with your whole authentic self – Confidence!

In their book, Creative Confidence, Tom and David Kelley, tell us “Creativity, far from requiring rare gifts and skills, depends on what you believe you can do with the talents and skills you already have.” 

Creative confidence is a slippery fish sometimes. 🐟 It’s hard to hold on to! Some days your projects are feeling positive. Your designs, color choices, and creativity are aligned. 

But then insecurity sneaks in and undermines that confidence. Perfectionism, fear, comparison, and overthinking can hold us hostage from leaning into our true selves.

So how do we create with confidence when doubts creep in? By living authentically. 

See how we’ve come full circle? Authenticity needs confidence to grow, and confidence needs our true, open self to be present! You have to believe in yourself and believe in your art.

Here are some ways to show up more confidently:

  • Create before you consume.
  • Play with no expectations.
  • Clarity comes from action, not thought.
  • Establish a rhythm or pattern – consistently stretch your authenticity muscle!
  • Experiment. Practice. Take risks.
  • Give yourself grace.
  • Try not to compare. 

When you take the time to create, just for YOU, you remember that your art isn’t a job or an assignment. It’s your passion! Lean into that passion and you’ll find your authentic, confident self. 

Trust in your journey—it’s uniquely, beautifully your own.

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