109 | Find Your Why & Get Intentional- How Editor Katie Anderson Makes Her Business Indispensable While Working Overseas and Writing Her Own Rules

Margo is joined by her podcast producer and editor Katie Anderson. Katie is the founder behind HomeAway Studio – a creative studio dedicated to supporting business leaders, content creators, and impact driven entrepreneurs through branding, web design, and podcast production. Formerly known as Katie J VA, her business stemmed from the desire to have her own outlet while being able to support her hockey-playing partner in his career overseas. Through persistent curiosity and a never ending desire to learn new skills, she has enabled coaches and creatives to focus on growing and improving their own services by outsourcing time-consuming, digital marketing tasks.


Margo and Katie discuss:

  • The path to launching her own business from Europe

  • Leaving a career path she didn’t love but learned a lot from

  • How she’s allowed her business to evolve over time

  • Getting intentional, finding your why, and doing the work

  • How living in other countries has helped her business

  • Mixing the analytical, technical, and creative skills required for a business

  • And more!


Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, before moving to Arizona for college in 2011, Katie now considers herself a part-time expat splitting her time between the U.S. and Europe. Outside of the U.S., she has lived in Norway, Finland, Austria, and Slovakia but her true home is wherever the Wi-Fi is. When she’s not busy supporting businesses behind the scenes, you can find her getting into nature, cooking, enjoying a glass of wine, or expanding her passport stamp collection.


Connect with Katie:





People inspiring Katie:

Working & entrepreneurial moms – i have a new found respect for women/moms and hope to be able to inspire my daughter the way my mom/clients/entrepreneurs inspire and encourage me

Beyonce – I’m very much inspired by music/musicians/musical artists of all kinds but if you watch any of her documentaries you can see how honed into her craft she is and the details that go into her concerts and how she really is the creative mastermind behind sooo much of it. truly inspiring to see someone that tuned into the work they put out. 

Her husband – he is the epitome of hard work and determination (almost to the point of annoyance). as a professional hockey player he puts his body on the line and this past season he was the only guy on the team to play every single game. he could’ve cashed out months prior due to a shoulder injury (got surgery 1 week after the season ended) but he pushed through and was a team player that resulted in them winning a championship and I am constantly inspired by his dedication

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