163 | Creating Outside the Lines: Megan Price Shares All About Her Handmaking Process From Paint to Paper

Margo is joined by artist and illustrator, Megan Price, otherwise known by her business name The Darling Fig. Megan feels like she has had many creative incarnations but it wasn’t until she dusted off her paintbrushes and embraced the fact that she was an artist, that she finally found a medium through which she could fully express her full creative vision. Megan paints by hand to capture the joy in life’s everyday moments. She believes in slowing down and finding the magic in the little things. Her work can be seen as a collection of sustainably printed greeting cards and fine art prints, or as bespoke artwork commissions for clients.

Topics discussed: 

Her journey of creativity and why she started The Darling Fig

Finding enjoyment in the process of artistic creation

The sweet spot of creative flow

Her experience with art challenges

What art is really all about to her and why she doesn’t necessarily care if people love or hate her work but rather how it makes them feel

Gratitude and how journaling fosters a positive mindset as well as posts her creativity

Finding stillness in her creative practice

And more!

Connect with Megan: 



People Inspiring Megan:

“I absolutely love Tess Guinery’s poetry, I find anyone rocking their creativity in their own way inspiring, my dance teacher Natsuko is amazing, she just lights up the whole room with her joy, my sister has her own knitting store + designs patterns and I always feel so creatively inspired by her energy…Basically anyone who is out there, courageously creative makes me feel so energized! I wasn’t really into Harry Styles so much but after seeing reel after reel of his shows on Instagram, I found myself feeling so drawn to the joy and just having fun for the sake of it vibe, like who cares if it makes sense of not?! Actually ~ Indiah Rose Crawford on Instagram. LOVE her content. She knits and makes stop-motion videos with this little Froggy character ~ it’s amazing. I think when people not only create but they create conversation + spark connection with their work, that’s inspiring. It’s the essence of being human. And it’s easy to forget sometimes.”

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