The Other Side of the Windowsill: Self Reflection, Reinvention, and Helping Others Recognize Their Potential With Margo

This week Margo and her sister play a bit of a role reversal and Margo is interviewed In the Windowsill! As the creator and host of the podcast, Margo rarely shares intimately about herself but she figured it was time to change that. Margo shares her experience with wire art and the moment a piece of art went from an act of creativity to monetized creativity, working in wholesale, collaborating with artists to create unique retail products, and bridging the gap between creatives and their businesses. She also discusses her love of music, the personal growth she’s experienced over the past year, and her current pursuits in silversmithing and jewelry making. With the help of Shelley, Margo explores her insights on reinvention, self-reflection, and her plans for 2024.

Mentioned in this episode:

Lynn Whipple’s 100 Bad Paintings

Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang

The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding by Jennifer Robson

Connect with Margo:

People Inspiring Margo:

Heather Donahue

Rachel of Pie and Mighty

Lynn Whipple

Julie Arkel

Tom Haney

Leslie Mackie

Top 10 Episodes of All Time:

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