Coloring Outside the Lines: Inspiring “Smileishness” Through the Art of Jules Gissler

Margo is joined by fantastical and whimsical artist, Jules Gissler. Jules doesn’t color in the proverbial lines, and she is proud to create art that has a voice and a story. Over the years, my work has taken different shapes, as has she. Jules believes in being braver, bolder, and unafraid to take up space and also the important role humor and connection plays in our evolution. Jules’ art is an embodiment of who she is. It’s how she lives her magic, the combination of vulnerability, attachment to nature, courage, and her voice that make her unlike any other being under the sun. She is grateful to have discovered these qualities and hopes the many layers of emotions and experiences she has, shows up in her work in a way that inspires smile-ish-ness (her Dr. Seuss made-up word) and connection.

Margo and Jules discuss:

  • Attending Montana State University to discovering her passion for art and jewelry design
  • The significance of music and its impact on her creativity
  • How she’s embraced new opportunities and takes initiative in business
  • Vulnerability, connection, and natures role in her creative journey
  • How she continually pushes forward in trying new things (artistic endeavors, life, etc.)
  • Storytelling through her art
  • Collaborating with a designer like Michael Grey for Birkenstock
  • Advice for artists navigating their own creative journeys

Connect with Jules:

Listen to Jules Playlist

People Inspiring Jules:

Always The Rolling Stones & Mark Knofler –all older musicians and going strong

Leslie Moak Murray–winner of 23 Louie Awards, creator of Murrays Law–Queen of France Studios

Mel Robbins –always has succinct words of advice.

Mentioned in this episode:

Theo Fennell

Brittney Griner

  1. This was a tremendously enjoyable and informational interview I went to school at rimrock grade school in Billings Montana with Julie and I can remember us approaching the teacher about painting a compass rose on the playground and they got tired of us asking even after they told us no so they finally gave in and said yes and we actually had people guard it so no one would bounce the balls on it or run across it until it dried it was beautification at its best love you Jules

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